Theology for EveryBody

A hub of nuanced perspectives on topics related to faith, the body, & culture.

Theology for EveryBody is getting a makeover!

Previously Madison Chastain’s blog, this is about to become your go-to place to find nuanced faith resources. The #1 question Madison gets online is, “Do you have any recommendations for resources on ________?” Theology for EveryBody is going to answer that question. Soon, you will be able to peruse a curated collection of resources (and merch!) on topics of faith, bodies, and culture, including the [ ] for EveryBody collection of zines by Madison herself. Whether it’s to help inform your classrooms and ministries or to just find like-minded folks on the internet, we want to celebrate the value of nuance in faith, uplift bodies of all kinds, and connect people who want to do the same.

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