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Madison Chastain

Hello! I am an ex-military brat, Northern California transplant living in Chicago and writing about the body, faith, and culture. My creative emphasis on disability began at a young age with the birth of my younger brother, Matthew Jr., who has Cri du Chat and DiGeorge Syndromes. The intersections of chronic illness and wellness culture were instigated by my own diagnosis with PCOS. I am a cradle Catholic who continues to wrestle with the nuances of her faith through public theological writing. (Also, I collect perfume! So sometimes I write about that too.)

I received a BA from Saint Mary’s College of California in English and Theology & Religious Studies. I received my MA from the University of Chicago’s Divinity School in ethics and theology. Now, I work in Catholic higher education doing marketing, communications, and program development.

All published work can be found below:

“Letter to Caregivers” for The Catholic Woman

“Seeking Sunshine: Relearning Childlike Wonder” for Live Today Well Co.

“A Gathering of Friends: Exploring the World of SPRED” for Live Today Well Co.

“Advice for Dating a Guy Who Isn’t Catholic” for FemCatholic

“Disability and Catholic Feminism Part 1: Including Disability in our Vocabulary” for FemCatholic

“Disability and Catholic Feminism Part 2: The Wide Reach of Ableism Narratives” for FemCatholic

“Abortion, Vasectomies, and the Problem of Individualism” for FemCatholic

“Discerning Marriage as an Ecumenical Couple” for The Young Catholic Woman

“The Lesser-Known Consequences of IVF” for The Young Catholic Woman

“The Goodness of True Expertise” for The Young Catholic Woman

“Prayerfully Navigating Chronic Illness for The Young Catholic Woman

“You CAN Quit Your Ministry Job for The Young Catholic Woman

“Transcendental Design and Architecture” in Vigil by The Young Catholic Woman

(Book Review) Be Opened! The Catholic Church and Deaf Culture in the American Catholic Studies Journal

“I’m an Anti-Abortion Disability Advocate. Overturning Roe isn’t the Answer” for NCR

“The Shia LaBeouf Conversion Interview: A Portrait of Masculine Aggression” for NCR

“An Ecological Lamentation” for Vol. 1 Issue 7 of Common Horizon

“Zines Against the Machine” for Issue No. 67 of Geez Magazine: “Winter 2023: Craft at the End of the World”

“4 Ways We Can Make the Church More Welcoming for People with Disabilities” for Live Today Well Co.

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