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Hey there, I’m Madison! I’ve started a blog! You can read the full story of its name and my goals here.

The most important bits about me:

  • I am a justice-focused, affirming and questioning, cradle Catholic hopefully bent towards change from the inside-out.
  • I have two younger brothers. I am the stereotypical eldest child.
  • One of those brothers has two profound genetic disabilities: Cri du Chat syndrome and DiGeorge syndrome. Navigating his uniqueness has defined my upbringing and family dynamic. He loves a good restaurant (and I’ll write more on him soon!)
  • Our youngest brother Mike is funnier and taller than us both. He plays the drums (excitedly) and the trombone (begrudgingly)
  • I grew up an Air Force brat. My father retired after 23 years of active duty right before I started high school. I have lived in South Carolina, NSW Australia, Virginia, Northern California, Tulsa OK, and am now happily settled in Hyde Park, Chicago.
  • I have a double-major BA in…
    1. English ( split emphasis in creative writing, gothic lit, and children’s lit)
    2. Theology and Religious Studies
  • I went to Saint Mary’s College of California (#GodIsaGael, but don’t ask me for the theological specs on that…)
  • I have an MA in Theology and Ethics from the University of Chicago’s Divinity School. My research emphasis was disability theology.
  • I work full-time for a Catholic nonprofit that supports academic exploration into the Catholic intellectual tradition where I run their high school program.
  • I also work part-time for L’Arche Chicago.
  • I have PCOS and a broken gallbladder
  • I’m a Special Religious Education (SPRED) catechist
  • Pre-COVID Sunday mornings, you’d find me moving between a Church and a boxing gym and a coffee shop.
  • My very-soon-to-be-more-than-boyfriend was raised ecumenically Christian and now considers himself to be an exploratory agnostic. He is a physicist passionate about making science accessible. He loves space and the mountains. His name is Guy.
  • My big deep dream has always been to be a writer.
  • I’m not sure if I’m a public theologian.”Public theology” stems from the Black, womanist tradition of theology and is meant to help transition theology from a majority white, majority male, exclusionary academic setting and make it accessible. It’s that emphasis on access that makes “public disability theologian” feel so right to me, but it also feels potentially appropriative given my lack of work in womanist theology and my own white identity.
  • I am always learning more

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You can also find more of my writing at The Catholic Woman,, The Young Catholic Woman, and LiveTodayWellCo.

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